At Foresight Group, we bring together the best technology and decades of expertise to put images and messages on just about anything you can imagine.

But this incredible range of services isn’t possible without the incredibly talented, dedicated and fun-loving staff that is the life’s blood of Foresight Group. Here are a few of our incredible team members and how to get in touch with them …

Bill Christofferson, President
Direct: 517-999-0050
Cell Phone: 517-749-0670

Stacey Trzeciak, Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 517-999-0044
Cell Phone: 517-749-0676

Jennifer Schwartz, Sales Manager
Direct: 734-686-3095
Cell Phone: 734-323-2072

Linda Getzmeyer, Accounting Manager
Direct: 517-999-0037

Scott Mossbarger, Purchasing/IT
Direct: 517-999-0060
Cell Phone: 517-749-0671

Sales, Lansing

Tyler Christofferson, Sales
Direct: 517-999-0054
Cell Phone: 517-974-9757

Marilyn Dalman, Sales
Direct: 517-999-0057
Cell Phone: 517-881-5256

Deanna Dowling, Sales
Direct: 517-999-0049
Cell Phone: 517-331-1570

Matt Hanes, Sales
Direct: 517-999-0056
Cell Phone: 517-819-1829

Mike Kidd, Sales
Direct: 517-999-0045
Cell Phone: 517-749-0678

Anne Pratt, Sales
Direct: 517-999-0039
Cell Phone: 517-488-6592

Production Coordinators, Lansing

Brian Kent, Production Coordinator Supervisor
Direct: 517-999-0041

Kaan Davis, Production Coordinator
Direct: 517-999-0070

Troy Herrick, Production Coordinator
Direct: 517-999-0040

Karen Jones, Production Coordinator
Direct: 517-999-0042

Sales, Ann Arbor

Martha Edwards, Sales
Direct: 734-686-3090
Cell Phone: 734-645-7901

Britton Goetz, Sales
Direct: 734-686-3389
Cell Phone: 734-645-9642

Laura Rivard, Sales
Direct: 734-686-3382
Cell Phone: 734-645-0562

Bob Wagner, Sales
Direct: 734-686-3098
Cell Phone: 734-649-2645

Robert M. Weber, Sales
Direct: 734-686-3381
Cell Phone: 734-645-7906

Production Coordinators, Ann Arbor

Tim Chaffee, Production Coordinator
Direct: 734-686-3092

Mitch Minger, Production Coordinator
Direct: 734-686-3390

Production Managers

Scott Tyler, Production Manager — Lansing
Direct: 517-999-0066
Cell Phone: 517-749-0684

Department Supervisors

Chris Hyland, Prepress Supervisor
Direct: 517-999-0051

Denny Hyland, Digital Press Supervisor
Direct: 517-999-0067

Dave Page, Mail Supervisor
Direct: 517.999.0065


Scott Parsons, Customer Service Manager
Direct: 517-999-2851
Cell Phone: 517-930-7301

Ron Holsworth, Sales
Direct: 517-999-2847
Cell Phone: 517-775-4376

Dave Penkevich, Sales and Estimating

Laurie Parsons Barry, Customer Service
Direct: 517-999-2855

Dan Siwik, Production Manager
Direct: 517-999-2846
Cell Phone: 269-823-4111

Pam Christofferson, Prepress Supervisor
Direct: 517-999-2861