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Bindery & Finishing

Foresight Group adds value to your printing vendor choice by providing that all-important back end with seasoned professionals who expertly manage our bindery and finishing operation. We offer everything from cutting, folding, collating, to drilling, die cutting, embossing and tabbing. Our skilled crews balance form with function and oversee products from concept through completion. The only time your project leaves our facilities is when it is done to our satisfaction and yours.

Specifically, Foresight Group offers the following bindery and finishing services:

  • Folding: We can execute a wide range of folds to create a finished piece that matches your specific needs and vision. Our machinery (details below) can accommodate sheet sizes up to 26" x 44".
  • Cutting: CIP3 programming layout software sends finished size instructions to cutters for the most efficient sequencing. Our pre-cut jogger ensures that all sheets are evenly stacked and free of air pockets to eliminate inaccuracy throughout a pile.
  • Binding: Our bindery equipment collates, stitches and trims a complete, finished booklet (up to 12" x 18" with nearly 200 pages) in quantities up to 11,500 pieces per hour! Our stitcher arranges pages and stitch-in pieces with flexibility to create a final product that matches your imagination.
  • Other Services: From perforating, drilling, and scoring to coil punching and shrink wrapping, our bindery department has the equipment and expertise to deliver a finished product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.



  • Polar 137 XT Paper Cutter 54” w/Compucut Automatic Programming (CIP3), jogger, scale and 2 automatic lifts
  • Polar 78ED Programmable Paper Cutter
  • MBO T49 4/4 -Pile Feed Folder 20” x 27” max sheet
  • MBO B30 6/6/4 -Continuous Feed Folder 30” x 50” max sheet
  • MBO Z2 Knife Folding Unit
  • Stahl B20 4/4 -Pile Feed Folder 20” x 28” max sheet
  • Horizon Stichliner Mark III with 2x VAC-1000a Towers, HOF
  • Horizon CRF-362 Score, fold and perf, up to 14.33” x 34.05”
  • Osako Estar Alpha Saddle Binder Six pockets plus cover feeder, up to 11,000 booklets per hour.
  • Duplo DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser
  • Clamco 850MB Shrinkwrap Machine
  • HHS Xmelt Fugitive glue machine (hot or cold glue — also known as credit card or e-z-release glue).
  • Sterling Digipunch
  • Sterling Coilmaster Jr