Warehousing & Fulfillment

Foresight Group is built and staffed to manage the storage, picking, packing, shipping and product return services of your business! With over 5,000 sq. ft. of secure warehouse space and an experienced team of fulfillment professionals, we are structured to manage a wide variety of products. Our team will safely and efficiently ship your products to your customers.

Custom Solutions

One size does not fit all when it comes to storing, picking, packing and shipping your products! So each pick and pack solution is customized to meet your specific needs. And our experience is start-to-finish — we can manage everything from setting up your branded digital storefront to shipping and logistics.

We can design and develop a turnkey solution for everything from printed marketing materials to tradeshow giveaways and promotional products. Let us know what your challenge is and we will develop a seamless, convenient solution that fits your need.


By utilizing our warehouse services, you can reduce the space required at your own facilities (reducing your own lease/rental overhead), reduce your labor costs, and improve the turnaround times you promise your customers.

Pick & Pack

Whether you’re looking to consolidate your library of marketing collateral or looking for someone to fulfill your online orders, Foresight Group has the expertise and storage to be your pick and pack provider. Our experienced staff is ready to manage small orders, large orders and anything in between.


From single products, to dozens of kits, to hundreds or thousands of cards or brochures, our expert staff will carefully and precisely ship your products and materials for accurate, timely delivery.

Simply Effective


Our inventory control systems and order tracking software deliver 99.9% order accuracy, maximizing customer satisfaction.