Looking for a stand-out product label? There’s a strong chance you’ll want what’s called a pressure-sensitive label (PSL). Labels are made to drive sales and connect with your customer. The purchase of a unique, eye-catching label is an investment in your product.

Foresight Group works with each customer to make sure your label is produced on the right material for the right packaging usage. From beverage jugs and plastic bottles to tires and boxes, we have label experience in almost every industry and service category.

A choice of 1 to 8 colors including 4-color process provides complete design flexibility to establish or maintain that all-important brand recognition. Our catalog of dies includes bottles, jugs, boxes, and tires with milk and orange juice labels at the core of our pressure sensitive label business. With 45 years experience, you can rely on the Foresight Group to produce pressure sensitive labels perfect for showing off your product.