Huron Valley Printing and Imaging


Established in 1979 as Print and Copy Centers, the business was focused on copy and duplication work early on. Over the years, the business grew and evolved into a full-fledged commercial printer. By 2000, it was time to adopt a name that reflected the full scope of work being completed, and Huron Valley Printing and Imaging was 'born'.

Foresight Group stepped in and acquired Huron Valley Printing and Imaging in 2011, becoming the first in a series of acquisitions for Foresight Group’s management team. The transition was a success, and Foresight Group’s entry into the Ann Arbor market changed the footprint of Foresight Group forever!

Huron Valley Printing and Imaging’s 32 years of expertise in commercial printing joined Foresight Group in 2011. This acquisition introduced Foresight Group to the Ann Arbor market and brought our service offering to a whole new group of customers. Today, that service offering includes: