Foresight Print & Mail

High-Quality Printing Services

Foresight Group has used the seismic changes in the print industry over the last twenty years to grow and develop into one of Michigan’s largest and best commercial printers. What started with digital plate-setting in the 1990s became plate-less digital printing in the 2000s. Online quote requests have become fully digital proofing and ordering. Short-run print jobs can now be truly short run with the efficiencies of digital printing (need just ten brochures? No problem!).

Foresight Group has been at the forefront of these advancements and our company-wide commitment to new technology has given us a leg up on our competitors. And our internal processes have offered us the efficiency and opportunity to acquire other printers across Michigan and seamlessly integrate their great staffs with our own — keeping jobs and talent in Michigan while growing our own experience along the way. Acquisitions include:

  • Huron Valley Printing and Imaging
  • White Pine Printers
  • Logan Brothers Printing
  • Discount One Hour Signs
  • Goetzcraft Printers
  • Stamprite, and
  • Aldinger, Inc.

Print and mail go hand-in-hand

Having expertise in commercial printing without expertise in mailing is like playing tennis without a backhand … you may be able to race around and use your forehand some, but you won’t be happy with the results. We learned that lesson back in the 1990s when we added a mail division to Foresight Group so we could better provide for our customers. And the results have been felt in mailboxes across Michigan ever since!

We are experts at postage management, list acquisition and procurement, insertion and inkjet services, fulfillment, and variable data print match mailings. Our dedication to first-class mail services (pardon the pun) continues today with new technology and the acquisition of another local print and mail expert, Aldinger, Inc., in early 2018.