Foresight SuperSign Adds a New Spray Booth, Photopolymer Machine and Hot-Stamper

July 9, 2018

Foresight SuperSign Adds Equipment to Improve Capacity and Efficiency.

These additions keep SuperSign at the forefront of sign-making in mid-Michigan! Each unit maintains our high quality standards, improves our ability to deliver large orders, and makes day-to-day processes easier for our incredible staff.

Col-met Spray Booth Features

  • Over 40% larger than our previous spray booth!
  • Includes improved ventilation, filtering and lighting
  • Allows us to spray multiple post and panel signs at once (up to three 4′ x 12′ signs or up to eight 8″ x 36″ signs)
  • Simply put, our new spray booth improves capacity and quality!

Anderson Vreeland Photopolymer Processing Unit

The photopolymer sign-making process includes four main steps: 1. Exposure, 2. Washing, 3. Post-Exposure, and 4. Drying. Our new unit allows us to have all four processes going on at once, which prevents one step from holding up another step like on older units. So when we’re outputting 400 ADA-compliant signs for a new office building, we’re able to keep moving sheets through production without one of the steps slowing things down. And when we combine this efficiency with our existing Esko cutter, we’re able to produce each sign to extremely precise specifications, sign after sign after sign.

Kobo Hot-stamping Unit

On signs where the letters are slightly ‘raised’ and are a different color than the surface ‘behind’ them, you’re typically seeing the work of a hot-stamping machine. Our new hot-stamping unit offers dozens of colors and improved adherence over older technology, not to mention it takes up less space in our facility which keeps our incredible sign-making team from tripping over it!

With a long history of adding new technology, Foresight SuperSign is taking after Foresight Group’s print department with these additions. We always want our equipment to be an asset to our customers, and these new additions do just that.

For more information about this new equipment, please contact your sales rep or give us a call:

  • Lansing: 1-517-485-5700
  • Ann Arbor: 1-734-761-2670