Promotional Products


picture ArtiosCAD and iCut Software

What is it? Die-cut and multidimensional structure layout software.

What does it do? Enables highly efficient production and extremely accurate print-to-cut registration.

How does this help? Maximizes output per material ratio for the most cost-effective project, and allows for the design and building of three-dimensional displays and point-of-purchase structures.



Fuji Acuity Select 6 UV Inkjet Flatbed Printer

What is it? 4’ x 8’ digital printing table.

What does it do? Prints directly on a wide variety of flat or rolled materials, from foam core to vinyl.

How does this help? Reduces cost and turnaround time by eliminating the need to mount printed output to a substrate. Can also print in white to enable vibrant printing on transparent surfaces. UV based inks are more brilliant and longer lasting.

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picture Esko Kongsberg XN24 Digital Cutting Table

What is it? 4’ x 8’ digital cutting table.

What does it do? Performs computer-controlled cutting, etching or engraving on most any material.

How does this help? The huge collection of tools can deliver a very wide range of functions resulting in extremely effective packaging, tradeshow and point-of-purchase displays or marketing materials, even if you only need one item.

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