Promotional Products


Foresight is great only because we employ great people. We have nearly four dozen members on our team, with a combined industry experience of more than 1000 years. Seriously, we added it up and didn’t believe it ourselves. A millennium of knowledge can do wonders for your quality and reputation!

picture Stacey Trzeciak, promotional sales manager

Stacey has been here for more than 22 years, and we still have no idea how to spell her last name (or pronounce if for that matter). But we like to think of her as baseball royalty — with her son on a fast track to the majors (she hopes!), and a nephew pitching for the Cubs, soccer moms have nothing on Stacey.



Jill Dimmitt, promotional sales representative

Jill likes to share that when she started in printing, it was pre-electric anything (but we’re pretty sure she doesn’t mean light bulbs too). More than 30 years later, Jill has a huge following of satisfied customers. She says she’s blessed with a wonderful family and great friends … many of whom are those same customers.


picture Deanna Dowling, promotional sales representative

Deanna never tires of the genuine satisfaction she gets from pleasing a customer and seeing the positive impact her efforts have on their business. She also insists there is never enough time for sunshine and shopping.



Anne Pratt, promotional sales representative

After a spin working in house at another printer, Anne realized she really missed being out on the road selling. Lucky us! We were more than happy to give her that opportunity. As long as she doesn’t sneak away during the day to see her kids and grandkids in Chicago while we’re not paying attention.