Offset Printing


picture Desktop Production

What is it? Complete Mac and PC platforms with the standard suite of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and other production software.

What does it do? Prepares artwork to be press-ready, either by creating materials from scratch, or by performing preflight services on your files.

How does this help? We can help you out of a bind by creating artwork for you. Or if you provide us with artwork, you can depend on our experience and compatibility to know your ideas will be translated to the press exactly as you expect.


picture Kodak Prinergy and InSite

What is it? Workflow, project management and online proofing software.

What does it do? Allows us to efficiently move projects through the production cycle, eliminating time by using technology and online reviews to accomplish each milestone.

How does this help? By uploading your artwork directly into our project management software, and reviewing an online ‘page-flip’ view of your proofs, you are able to actively participate in the production process.


picture Web-to-Print Service

What is it? An online ‘storefront’ for customer-branded ordering.

What does it do? Facilitates enterprise-wide ordering of materials through an easy, online portal.

How does this help? Streamline the ordering and management of corporate materials, from stationary to marketing, by allowing your team to make requests through an online ‘store’ we create just for you.


picture Epson 9900 and 9880 Proofers

What is it? Extremely fast and accurate paper proof inkjet printers.

What does it do? Produces a complete, printed mock-up of your project for a thorough, final review of content, layout and assembly.

How does this help? Holding a proof in your hand that most closely resembles the final piece you are producing gives you the confidence and comfort knowing there will be no surprises when the project comes off press.


picture Kodak Magnus 800

What is it? Fully automated, digitally direct to plate imagesetter.

What does it do? Images final artwork directly to the printer plates for quick and efficient make ready.

How does this help? Not only does direct-to-plate imaging save time, but it is extremely accurate, and allows for the most flexibility in the event last-minute changes become necessary.

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Mitsubishi D3000R

What is it? 28” x 40” six-color offset printing press (perfects 4/2) plus aqueous coating tower, with CIP3 connectivity.

What does it do? Delivers high-quality, efficient printing of larger quantity four-color plus spot projects.

How does this help? The 28” x 40” sheet size accommodates 16-page signatures for economical high-page-count or high-quantity projects. CIP3 technology allows pre-press to send preliminary set-up data directly to press, saving initial make-ready time.

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picture Heidelberg Speedmaster 52

What is it? 14” x 20” four-color offset printing press with CIP3 connectivity.

What does it do? Delivers high-quality, efficient printing of mid-range quantity four-color projects.

How does this help? The smaller sheet size provides a highly economical press run and quicker turn time for cost-effective, high quality offset printing. Can also print four-color pre-converted envelopes (though cannot accommodate bleed).

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picture Heidelberg Printmaster QM46

What is it? 13.375” x 18.125” two-color offset printing press.

What does it do? Delivers fast, cost-effective one and two color printing projects.

High-quality, cost-effective printing of large volume one and two color projects on a sheet size of 13.375” x 18.125”.

How does this help? Dedicated two-color press provides very fast turnaround of one and two color offset printing at high volumes without having to sacrifice the quality. Sheet size accommodates tabloid size page with bleeds.

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picture Halm Super Jet envelope press

What is it? Two-color offset envelope printing press.

What does it do? Prints envelopes of any size up to 12” x 18”.

How does this help? Delivers quick turnaround, low-cost printing of envelopes at high volumes with the quality of an offset press.

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picture Stahl B26 Continuous Feed Folder
Stahl KD66 Continuous Feed Folder
MBO 26 Continuous Feed Folder
MBO 20 Pile Feed Folder

What are they? Bindery folders.

What do they do? Crease, score, fold and even glue flat sheets into finished projects.

How does this help? As most projects are not delivered as flat sheets, our collection of folders perform a wide range of folds, perfs, cuts and scores to create a finished piece that matches your specific needs and vision. Can accommodate feed sheet sizes up to 26” x 44”.

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picture Polar 137 XT Programmable Paper Cutter
Polar 78ED Programmable Paper Cutter

What are they? Paper cutters with CIP3 connectivity.

What do they do? Deliver extremely precise cutting of sheet piles into finished piece size.

How does this help? CIP3 programming allows layout software to send finished size instructions to cutter for the most efficient sequencing. Pre-cut jogger ensures all sheets are evenly stacked and free of air pockets to eliminate inaccurate cutting throughout a pile.

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picture Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST270 Saddlebinder

What is it? Six-pocket plus cover collator stitcher with inline knife folder trimmer.

What does it do? Creates finished, stitched booklets up to 12” x 18” with nearly 200 pages.

How does this help? Collates, stitches and trims a complete, finished booklet in quantities up to 11,500 pieces per hour. Arrange pages and stitch-in pieces with flexibility to create a final product that matches your imagination.

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picture Misc. Bindery

What are they? Driller, scorer, riveter, coil punch, shrink wrap.

What do they do? Performs a wide variety of additional bindery services to meet your project needs.

How does this help? No matter how unique the request, Foresight has the tools and resources to create a finished project that satisfies your communication need. For extreme creativity, or precise functionality, our bindery can produce the results you want.

bindery three hole drill: Watch it work! YouTube

bindery creaser: Watch it work! YouTube

bindery riveter: Watch it work! YouTube