Digital Printing



picture Desktop Production

What is it? Complete Mac and PC platforms with the standard suite of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and other production software.

What does it do? Prepares artwork to be press-ready, either by creating materials from scratch, or by performing preflight services on your files.

How does this help? We can help you out of a bind by creating artwork for you. Or if you provide us with artwork, you can depend on our experience and compatibility to know your ideas will be translated to the press exactly as you expect.


picture Kodak Prinergy and InSite

What is it? Workflow, project management and online proofing software.

What does it do? Allows us to efficiently move projects through the production cycle, eliminating time by using technology and online reviews to accomplish each milestone.

How does this help? By uploading your artwork directly into our project management software, and reviewing an online ‘page-flip’ view of your proofs, you are able to actively participate in the production process.


picture Web-to-Print Service

What is it? An online ‘storefront’ for customer-branded ordering.

What does it do? Facilitates enterprise-wide ordering of materials through an easy, online portal.

How does this help? Streamline the ordering and management of corporate materials, from stationary to marketing, by allowing your team to make requests through an online ‘store’ we create just for you.



Xerox iGen 150

What is it? Four-color digital press with inline booklet maker and three-knife trim.

What does it do? Prints a sheet as large as 14.33” x 26” on a wide variety of stock finishes as heavy as 130# cover, and saddle stitches inline up to 36 sheets (72 pages).

How does this help? Produces a very high quality completely finished booklet or magazine in a single pass without having to send your project through bindery, saving you considerable time and money. For smaller page sizes, Foresight also has an iGen 3 digital press.

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Fuji Acuity Select 6 UV Inkjet Flatbed Printer

What is it? 4’ x 8’ digital printing table.

What does it do? Prints directly on a wide variety of flat or rolled materials, from foam core to vinyl.

How does this help? Reduces cost and turnaround time by eliminating the need to mount printed output to a substrate. Can also print in white to enable vibrant printing on transparent surfaces. UV based inks are more brilliant and longer lasting.

Watch it work! YouTube